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What we believe...


  1. Jesus Christ as the only true head of the Church and every local expression thereof.

  2. Covenant relationships within the church.

  3. Biblical family concepts as a model of honor, respect, and care due every relationship of the church.

  4. Servanthood as the model and true foundation for all ministry.

  5. New Testament patterns for planting and establishing churches.

  6. Modern-day Apostles who plant, water, and care for churches

  7. Five Fold Ministry teams and individuals who equip the saints for works of service.

  8. Teamwork through out the network and within the local church.

  9. Human and written resources for the purpose of discipling every member of the church.

  10. Plural, mutually submitted male governance within the local church.

  11. Leadership teams raised up from within related-interdependent local churches.

  12. Final local authority vested in an Eldership team, not one individual or a centralized organizational headquarters.

  13. The integrity of the local church and its Eldership.

  14. New Testament patterns in sending out five-fold teams and missionaries to equip believers.

  15. Our Creedal Statement and Statement of Faith as a true reflection of our doctrinal stance.

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