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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What do I need to do to formally partner with ATM?

  2. What is expected of me (or my church/ministry) if I (we) partner with ATM?

  3. What are the fees and dues to be associated with ATM?

  4. Will ATM ordain me or give me ministry credentials?



1. There are two ways that an individual or a ministry can partner with ATM: as an Affiliate member or as an Associate member. 

  • Affiliate members receive the full benefits of ATM including having priority demand on the resources and manpower available through our ministry. Opportunities for equipping and training in your local church as well as consulting services that will provide you with substantial tools to aid  in your ministry.

  • Associate members are more loosely related to the ATM family.  Many materials, consulting services, ministry opportunities, and programs are available to associate members. Both affiliate and associate members are eligible to come under the group exemption letter (GEL) and the 501c(3) status of ATM if they so choose.  Special bulk rate life insurance program prices and mission trip insurance quotes are available through ATM as well if desired.

2.  All affiliate and associate members must fully embrace the mission statement of ATM and operate their ministry according to sound biblical doctrine.  Financial support, prayer, and working together in common unity of the faith are also what a member agrees to do in support of the ATM family.

3.  For Affiliate members we ask that a minimum of 1/2 of the tithe going outside your ministry itself (the tithe of the tithe) be used to support ATM.  This is especially important for taking care of the expenses of ministry associated with sending teams into a church for apostolic work. 

  • Associate members are required to pay a $250 annual administration fee.

4.  ATM is able to issue ordinations or ministry credentials if desired.  The requirements vary depending on level and type of education, ministry experience, expectations and goals of such ordination, and further discipleship and learning yet needed.  All ordination decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  Contact the ATM office for more details on this.

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