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Isaac Initiative

We are in a new season at ATM. We find ourselves living in a reality that is unlike anything the earth has ever seen before. As churches, Christians, and concerned citizens of the Kingdom of God, we must endeavor to look to the resources that the Holy Spirit has equipped us with in order meet the current demands of our world.

The Isaac Initiative is a movement that we are inviting you to be a part of. The Initiative is a result of the principle we find outlined in Genesis 26. In this scripture, we see that Isaac dug new wells to feed the growing herds. The need for new wells was simple. The original wells that Abraham dug to feed his flocks were in dispute with other families that wanted a claim on that water source. Instead of needlessly fighting Isaac moved his herds to other locations and dug new wells.

As the directors of ATM, we see the same principle in operation in the earth and church today. We are second generation leaders. This means that we have had the benefit of being raised in Godly homes and churches that were birthed out of the movement of the Holy Spirit. Our fathers (Abrahams) as led by the Holy Spirit moved away from traditional churches and apostolically planted the churches and works that we (Isaacs) are a product of today. As such we see some disputes over the wells (erroneous doctrines, theories) that have erupted as a result of a carnally minded church. This is no fault of the work of our fathers or the Holy Spirit, but rather of men trying to control and coerce the moving of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is our desire to dig new wells as the Lord leads us into His Kingdom.

We feel there are four areas the Lord has specifically asked to confront in this season. The first one is Globalization. Globalization is the fact that the world is a smaller place because of technology, and therefore people consider themselves as global citizens. The second area is the influence of the anti-Christ spirit. We see this demonstrated in the rise of false religions that the world is compelling Christians to tolerate. The third area is where we find our personal influence. This is a borderless life, and the Holy Spirit is asking us to spread His Kingdom across all the borders of our life. The fourth area is the attacks that the Church is experiencing on the family unit. The rise of LGBT and the increase of immorality through pornography and a secular agenda is causing us to respond to the Holy Spirit's call to redeem our families.

We invite you to join us in this Isaac Initiative as we dig new wells together.

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