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Our Global Body of Christ

When I hear the word globalization I am often reminded of the end times, and the dreaded one-world government. But there is another perspective that Jesus has been trying to get me to see.

“And the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” - Matthew 24:14

For so long I have seen the increase of darkness in the world, and have constantly been looking for the Antichrist, etc. It’s not to say these things aren't happening, but at the same time the Kingdom needs to be preached. The reality of the mature sons of God will come to pass! The Church WILL become the spotless Bride and the Groom is returning for! The Church will be as a city set upon a hill burning brightly for all to see! And globalization (distinct from globalism and discussed my Andrew Urban in other blogs) will bring this reality to pass. Never before has the body of Christ been able to connect as she can now and this can be a good thing!

I can remember hanging out with my wife and some church friends. I came across something about ISIS on my Facebook. At this time it was just people that lived in the areas affected by ISIS that were sending out pictures from their phones of what was happening via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And in that moment Jesus gave me a heart for the persecuted church and my brothers and sisters facing ISIS.

This is an example of globalization working to alert me to the plight of others in need around the globe. A young Christian man just sitting passively wit his friends learning the reality of following Christ from a saint in the Middle East via Facebook.

Yes, darkness is on the rise, and many are growing cold. But the body Christ is a global force united under One King, Jesus. We don't need to fear globalization. We just need to stand firm on our Foundation.

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