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Confronting Globalism - Part 2

As an installment in the ATM Isaac Initiative, this multi-part series will take a look and explore the spirit behind globalism, God’s recent moves regarding it, and how we, the church, should begin to address a coming spiritual and geo-political upheaval.

Let’s start here: there will be no major global government that rules and oppresses the entire globe, at least not in totality. I’ll leave major eschatology to others, but a layman’s cursory view of Daniel 2 and Revelation 16-18 show that despite the rising to prominence of various kingdoms and spirits, God himself destroys these kingdoms, setting up His kingdom, which will never be destroyed. But this does not mean that the current principalities and powers will stop now on their attempted road to global aggregation. As a matter of fact, the current spiritual pace is picking up and global conflict is only beginning to get ever more heated.

But God in His wisdom gives some reprieve, some seasons of grace, to allow His people (and those not yet His) to begin to see the stark differences between being caught in a global web of commerce, regulation, & an international system of “justice” and that of a more localized experience. Ultimately, the choice will be ours; whether to embrace an ever growing global movement or reject it.

Politically, all across the West, a surge of anti-globalism is sweeping local elections and referendums as people are now seeing the fruit of the seeds of globalism that were planted decades ago. This awakening is God’s gift.

In Europe, the financial strain of the EU has been wearing on Europeans for years. The debt overload in countries like Greece, Italy, and Iceland had put a strain on the currency values and trade between the members and abroad. Of course the globalist solution is to saddle each countries citizens with extended debt well into the future. When you stop to realize that the debt owed is to global banks, coupled with what the Bible says about debt and slavery, it’s no wonder the people are beginning to cry out, “wait a minute! Why do we voluntarily enslave ourselves and our children?”

Additionally, the agreement across the EU for a borderless entity once sounded like a great idea. You mean I can catch a train from London to Paris to Berlin and back without any stopping or additional paperwork along the way? Great! Except now the free movement of peoples is turning out to be a great source destruction to the idea of peace, justice, and rule of law. Whole books will be devoted to the recent migration of peoples from North Africa and Middle East. So we cannot do it justice here, but you should know this is one of the main catalysts for nationalist movements in France (Marine Le Pen’s National Front), Germany (AfD), The Netherlands (Geert Wilder), and of course the UK (Brexit).

In the US, the recent election of Donald Trump as president is also a part of that sweeping current that is counter to globalism. Many people (and many, many Christians) could not understand Trump’s appeal to the American voter. Perhaps even you view him as vulgar, greedy, dishonest, immoral, and all kinds of flavors of nasty. You should also understand that, as in Brexit, many saw Trump as an alternative to the globalism that we’ve been entrenched in; one of sanctions, toppling foreign governments, overthrowing elected officials, and war.

As the powers that be, both spiritually and here on earth, continue to push to consolidate power, we as Christians need to enter into another level of divine wisdom. Knowing, prophetically, what our proper response should be is absolutely vital in this next season. It is literally the difference between coming out of that Babylonian system or receiving its mark.

Stay tuned for Confronting Globalism - Part 3

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