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God's Imagination About You!

YES, God thinks about you! And, what He thinks about you is far better than you imagine for yourself. In fact, God has an imagination about your future (Jer. 29:11). Have you ever stopped to think that God imagines what your future is like as much or more than you do? He does! I am willing to go out on a limb and say what He imagines about your future is not bound by the limits, fear, and boundaries yours are. He thinks bigger and more often about your future than you do! Our problem is not the lack of imagination it's that our imagination is not like His imagination. Let me say that again, our imagination of our future is not like His imagination about our future. We need to align our imagination with God's imagination. In my Contextual Intelligence seminars I tell participants that Foresight is a major key to becoming the person you want to be. Foresight is about having an aspirational identity and articulating who that person is and what that person does clearly. To do that that requires doing new things today to make those aspirations a reality. The problem is we imagine things and follow-up the image we see of ourselves with the statement, "but, I can't because..." "I want to be out of debt, but I cant because...", "I want to be healed, but I cant because...", I want to finish my education, but I can't because..." you get the point. It's the 'I cant because' statements that are the faith destroyers that blind our imagination. The 'I can't because...' is like a blindfold we put on ourselves that keeps us from seeing and imagining our future the way God does! Take off your blindfolds, stop saying I cant because and perhaps you'll find yourself thinking a bit more like God does about your future! And when we think like He thinks about us, He might just help us achieve that picture He has about us in His mind! So, think big - think and imagine like God who has no boundaries or limits... till next time!

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